Online Sales Strategy Genie

Do you want to be Digital Entrepreneur? BOOST4youth will enable you to participate in an online training course to become aware of the e-Commerce Technologies in the sectors of Agri-products, Real Estate and Tourism.



Do you have an e-commerce SME or work for a company operating in the sectors of Agri-products, Real estate or Tourism? With the BOOST4youth platform you can improve your skills & competences in relation to ICT tools and e-Commerce Technologies to increase revenues and reduce costs for your company.


How to’s

Do you face difficulties finding information about e-Commerce for the Agri-products, real estate or tourism sectors? The BOOST4youth platform consists of 52 actions across 9 training modules. Our GENIE will assist in setting an individual learning path.



Benefit from the provided handy e-tools to learn how to implement the e-commerce strategies at your own time and pace.


What is BOOST4youth?

BOOST4youth is an innovative project which aims to improve the competitiveness of SMEs within the sectors of Agri-products, Real estate and Tourism by developing a new Digital Entrepreneur professional profile. Such a professional is capable of creating e-commerce strategies that increase cross-border sales using Internet as a sales channel. The BOOST4youth platform offers its users free personalized training facilitating the implementation of successful e-commerce strategies focused on the three sectors: Agri-Products, Real Estate and Tourism.


The BOOST4youth GENIE is an automated system that adjusts the user’s learning path based on individual characteristics – personal and business-wise. The personalized e-commerce strategy helps the user to become a Digital Entrepreneur.

Our goals

The BOOST4youth project offers training and tools for SME staff from the sectors of Agri-products, real estate and tourism in six countries: CROATIA, CYPRUS, GREECE, IRELAND, POLAND and the UK, for the implementation of essential processes related to e-commerce to increase in-company revenues, reduce costs and acquire skills in ICT tools.

Why should I follow this training?

The BOOST4youth training course targets the professionals from the sectors of Agri-products, real estate and tourism in order to support them in the acquisition of skills and competences to become Digital Entrepreneurs. By the end of the BOOSt4youth course you will have everything you need to get started and grow FAST. A Digital Entrepreneur will be able to:

  • Identify distinct features and practices for each of the e-Commerce core and supportive processes
  • Immediately implement the winning practices and witness the benefits
  • Acquire knowledge and skills from 52 actions across 9 training modules on e-commerce strategies for the Agri-products, real estate and tourism sectors.